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i know my destination

but i'm just not there

there's beauty in the breakdown
8 June 1987
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11:11 wishes, 7-11 slurpies, 8 days a week, a&f size 0, an evening spent dancing, bedtime stories, being an underachieving overachiever, believing in something greater, bluebirds!, boondock saints, boys nicknamed bear, butterflies in my stomach, californication, can't touch this!, clouds in my coffee, edward furlong, ego stroking, finding seaglass, gaps between teeth, ginger snaps, gregory smith, having a purpose, hearts skipping a beat, heathers (the movie), intertwining fingers, isn't it ironic ?!, jason mraz, john connor, justin king, kangaroos, learning what's important, making goofy smiles, memento, minute maid lemonade sorbet, moravian sugar cookies, nostalgia, paper-thin sugar cookies, passionfruit tea, patches of sunlight, pizza loaded with veggies, playing songs on repeat, rekindling, sand beneath my toes, screaming impossibly loud, searching for something greater, small-impossibly-cute children, spiral staircases, spooning and forking?, strange bouts of nostalgia, stranger than your sympathy, sugargliders, the clock at midnight, the zoloft guy, this bird has flown, this is my apology, ticklefights, tickling kittens' tummies, ticklingticklingtickling, twinges in my heart, walking like an egyptian, wanderlust, warm pavement, warm soda, wild angels, worrying about the future, writing letters in marker, you and i both,